Saturday, January 30, 2016

Yeti: The Best Laid Plans

The plan was for January to be a big skiing month. It started out fine, but the last two Saturdays were a bust.

Last November I had my annual skin cancer screening. A biopsy on a slightly suspicious mole on my left calf showed it was "pre-cancerous." I opted not to have it removed during the last week of December because Sarah had scheduled medical appointments on two of the days and we were planning a trip to ski at southern resorts the other two days. I scheduled the procedure for Thursday (a non-teaching day) the 21st of January (after the busy first few weeks of the semester) thinking the in-and-out procedure would involve just a few stitches and not be a problem. I thought wrong. It turned out to be a three inch cut that required six stitches. The location, right where the top of my ski boot hits, plus the pulling and tugging of getting boots on and off, made skiing not an option for the 23rd.

Last Tuesday Joel was training with his soccer team at the Peaks Arena when a big, rough playing team mate plowed into Joel knocking him to the ground. He bonked his head pretty hard, but kept on playing. There were conflicting reports gathered the next day from team mates about how long Joel was down and whether or not he blacked out. By Thursday he still had a neck and head ache so after a visit to his pediatrician with Marie and then a visit to radiology at Orem Community hospital with me for a CT scan of his head and x-ray of his neck it was confirmed that Joel had a mild concussion. Luckily there was no internal bleeding. A visit on Friday morning to the Concussion Clinic involved various tests that further confirmed that it was a concussion and that Joel needed to take it easy for the next little while. He has been going crazy not being able to watch TV, play x-box, read, or go to school. Skiing and soccer are also out for a while. Our best laid plans are being thwarted.

Concussion Joel. (One year for Christmas G & G Emmett gave everyone a University of Nairobi sweat shirt in celebration of a favorite family song that I learned in second grade and taught to the family. Joel was not yet born, but part of our inheritance were several of these sweatshirts).

After his visit to radiology we made a medicinal stop at Sodalilcious. A therapist had mentioned that a little caffeine might not be a bad thing for his head ache. Joel eschews soda during soccer season and the only other time he has had a caffeinated drink was in Yangon when he needed a Coke to settled his stomach (it worked miracles). This time he ordered a Coke with cherry, vanilla and cream mixed in. He loved it.

Relieving Saturday boredom.

On the bright side, Will (actually not too bright for him) has been able to attend two straight Saturday morning practices for a children's choir set to sing in Stake Conference in two weeks. And I was able to do lots of yard, house and school work.

Today, Sarah was able to get caught up on scholarship applications, a little homework and getting ready for her supporting role as an escort during the formal wear portion of the Mr. Springville pageant. She was one of twelve senior girls selected for their service (president of the History Club for Sarah) in various clubs and organizations. Sarah also spent several early mornings at school during the week helping her contestant prepare for each day's lunch time competition (game making, cape making). It has been a nice opportunity to meet fellow seniors that run in different circles. Last night Marie and Sarah journeyed to Salt Lake to find an appropriate "formal dress" for her to wear. They lucked out finding a beautiful teal green dress from the Shabby Apple and a jeweled belt from Francesca's. Thanks to Aunt Rachel for the shopping suggestions.

The pageant is a tongue-in-cheek evening of talent, swim suits, formal wear and finalist interviews. Marie and I were entertained by the whole affair. The best part was watching a beautiful Sarah walk down the aisle and then smile and talk with her partner/escortee while waiting on the stage for other couples to enter.

One of the few serious talents came from Moroni Burrows who played his own very nice medley arrangement of  the primary baptismal song "I Love to Look for Rainbows" and the uniquely Mormon hymn "If You Could High to Kolob." Only in Utah.

The swim suit contest was very non-traditional and not very revealing.

Hopefully by next Saturday we will all be healthy and healed enough to continue our skiing quest. If not, later in the ski season we may just have to play hooky from work and school a few days,

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