Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yeti Six: Nordic Valley


Today we skied Nordic Valley in Eden Utah (east of Ogden). We opted for this resort because we knew it was smaller than most resorts and had considerably fewer lifts and runs to explore thus it would not warrant a long day for us to feel like we had skied it all. Sarah had early morning orchestra practice or seminary every morning this past week and was in great need of a least one day to sleep in (the one drawback to 9:00 church). Plus we had places to be at 5:00 pm. I got the kids up at 8:30, we were out the door by 9:30 and we arrived at Nordic Valley at 11:00. Radio listening on the way up included KSL's garden show (a long time favorite for me that the kids tolerate) followed by a chaser of Adele's 25 album on Will's i-pod.


The Apollo lift was our sole mode of transport to the top. It reminded me in length (almost as long) and about the same age as the Face lift at Beaver Mt.  We started out on Falling Star under the lift and then branched out to almost every run to the north and south. The kids found some nice tree trails after lunch. Wills' favorite run ended up being the tree trail above the terrain park followed by a decent jump in the park. We did this several runs in a row.

Apollo and Crocket were the two lifts running, plus the small Cub magic carpet. There are plans to expand the resort, but nothing has been done yet other than announcing plans and promoting slope side condos.

Near the top of Gold Rush. The farms and summer cabins of Eden dot the valley. Powder Mountain is in the mountains to the east.

It's all there: ticket office, rental shop, rest rooms and cafeteria. With cattle pastures abutting the base of the resort, the barn lodge is a natural fit. So too was the one cowboy skiing with a cowboy hat on (it never flew off).

Two large fries were just enough for the four of us. Made better with Utah's own--Fry Sauce.
Will jumping.

We headed for home at 2:45. It was a fun, easy, no frills day. If we lived in the Ogden Area, Nordic Valley would have been a great place to teach the kids. Easily accessible, cheap, close parking, and good beginner and intermediate runs. It would also be a great place for youth night skiing outings. That said, I don't think we will be investing in a slope side condo.

Sarah's plan was to work on calculus homework coming and going. It sat on her lap both ways with conversations with dad about school and literature and cousins on the way up and singing along to Mama Mia and Bye Bye Birdie driving home serving as convenient distractions.

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