Thursday, October 15, 2009

Olive picking

In preparation for Sunday's olive oil making with the olive press, we all went out and harvested olives along the road leading into the center.
Will at work. The students think our three kids are great and love to interact with them.
I have missed backyard gardening so I enjoyed climbing up and helping pick. The tree we worked on had tiny little, mostly purple, olives.
Joel and Sarah (in their PE uniforms) got home from school in time to help out for the last fifteen minutes.

Fifty students working for one hour and all we got were six partially filled buckets. It didn't help that the trees were in their off year in terms of quantity and that the students had fun with olive wars. The three bags in the back are olives bought in Ramallah to augment our meager harvest. They will all be mashed to a pulp on Sunday morning (stay tuned)
The bucket we helped pick

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