Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh We're from Nairobi

Each semester the BYU students would hold a formal talent show in the upper auditorium and then an informal talent show in the forum. Our formal talents are few and so we opted to always participate in the informal talent show. This is a video of our winter semester performance (we did the same thing all three semesters). Notice Will's peace sign at the end. We choreographed our number during a Family Home Evening fall semester. Everyone helped with ideas. During our first run through when it came time to lift Will up on my shoulders, I accidentally stepped on the back of his pants so that as I lifted him up, his pants stayed down! Will's initial reaction was that it was no fun to be up in the air pant-less, but it wasn't long before he, along with the rest of us, could laugh as his costuming mishap.

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