Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jaffa/Tel Aviv

We started out our year in the Holy Land with a trip to the beach so we decided to end our stay with a second trip. Our first stop was the ancient port of Jaffa. The Catholic Church is dedicated to Peter.

It was here in Jaffa that Peter has his vision of unclean (not kosher) foods descending from heaven. He was told to eat the food as a heavenly way of teaching him that the gospel was now to go forth to the gentiles, starting first with Roman Cornelius in Caesarea.

The narrow walkways of the old city of Jaffa descend from the church down to the harbor.

I wonder if the whale that swallowed Jonah smiled when he swallowed Jonah.
After a lunch of hot dogs or shwarma we headed north to adjacent Tel Aviv for a fun few hours at the beach. Jaffa is in the distance.
The beginning of our majestic sand drop castle.
The Mediterranean Sea was a perfect temperature. After so many great days in the fresh water afternoon waves of the Sea of Galilee we were all some what troubled by salty waves.

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