Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mea Shearim

In July before our Galilee trip we ventured forth one Friday morning to explore Mea Shearim, the oldest orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem. The entrances to the neighborhood remind all visitors to respect their standards of modesty. We tried to comply--Sarah wore a sweater over her short sleeve shirt.

Orthodox Jewish families tend to have large families as evidenced by the laundry on the lines and the many children playing in the streets.

The neighborhood has many synagogues and yeshivas (religious/theological schools).

Notice the sign on the right that sates: "We mourn the 62 year existence of the state of Israel."
Many orthodox Jews reject Zionism (Jewish nationalism) and the establishment of the state of Israel because they are political movements and not religious movements. They feel that Israel should be a religious state established under the guidance of God.

This sign condemns Israel's attack on the Gaza Flotilla.

Located adjacent to Mea Shearim is this round Ethiopian Church. Last fall priests from this church issued complaints to the government in hopes of stopping Jewish residents in the area from spitting on priests as they come and go from the church.
Mary and Jesus, Ethiopian style.

Just outside the church was this old advertisement from Passover. The help is to come in and clean your house of any trace of leaven/yeast.
A little bit closer to the old city is this Russian Orthodox Church. It was at the heart of the Russian compound which was built in the late 1800s to accommodate Russian pilgrims. Part of the compound (on the right) is now the main jail of Jerusalem.

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  1. Wow. The jail real estate there is really sad positioned next to such beautiful churches. I can definitely think of less attractive places they could relocate to.