Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mural Painting

Each semester the BYU students get involved in a number of good service projects (I keep hoping they will reinstate past projects that were more people oriented like visiting orphanages or volunteering in schools). When possible the Emmetts like to join in--most often helping with assembling hygiene kits. One afternoon we joined in and helped paint murals on the wall of the kindergarten classroom at the Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children on the Mt of Olives.
The hallways are lined with murals created and painted by students from past semesters.
The fall 2009 semester mural.
The winter 2010 mural (showing two of four panels depicting the various landscapes of the USA).
Amy and Blake did a great job at designing the mural and painting the base of each animal.
Our kids each teamed up with a student to decorate one animal.
Joel worked with Mike (who is also a talented organist).

Will did dots with Scott.
And Sarah worked with Gretta--who is a great cellist. She is one of the reasons Sarah is now paying cello in the seventh grade orchestra.
The monkey artists at play.
The mural after the first cohort of animal decorators.
We returned a week later to see the completed work of the other groups.
The mural starts with a child at a desk drawing. He obviously has quite an imagination.
The names of all of the student participants and Emmett children are included in the mural on the spines of the books at the bottom.
Very impressive.

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